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More than 23.000 breaths a day are all opportunities to empower your life.

By training your respiratory system you release toxins, relax more and improve your general health. Many hundreds of people have experienced great results during our trainings. Experience how our unique training program supports your health, happiness and vitality. 

With every breath you take, you are in control of the quality of your life.

In our overstressed world your body may eventually forget how to breathe in a healthy way and stay in a continuous fight or flight mode. By re-training your breathing you gain more control over your life and your overall health. Once again experience harmony in your mind, emotions and body.


“Change the way you breathe to relieve stress, boost energy, get stronger and become healthier!”

The Breath Control Academy teaches you to become aware of your breathing and control it in such a way that it improves your health. Our breathing exercises can help you relieve several health issues such as snoring, sleep-apnea, asthma, anxiety and stress related issues. But more over they  are heaps of fun.

The Breath Control Academy seeks worldwide connections with:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Companies
  • Specialized Medical Centers
  • Research Centers

Our Vision is to create a world where everybody will be able to breathe Free again. 

Our Services

Private training programs.

Breath Psychology in action training using the didgeridoo as training tool for better breathing an well-being. 

Aims to provide practical exercises for stress release, practical relaxation and gain more mental clarity and increase the overal energy by increasing the oxgen intact. 

Suited for professionals that experience the need to take their Work wellbeing / Työhyvinvointi (in Finnish) to an new level.  

For this we provide 1 training module (customized to the need of the client.) 

1: Private Breathe training using the didgeridoo as training tool. 

Corporate training programs

Your staff and employees are the back bone of your organisation. As without, there is no organisation to operate. Taken practical care of the well-being can challenging.

A common energy leak is the way people communicate and use their daily voice.

For this we provide 2 training modules: 

1: How to Relax for Better Concentration – learning 3 essential skills for instant relaxation thru better breathing. (1 Day incentives – online / on location)

2: Sustainability & Impact of your speaking voice –  (V.O.I.C.E Method) (1 Day incentives – online / on location – or 6 weeks coaching program)

Schools and universities

As our founder Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij been an professional teacher and musc educator for over 15 years he experienced the importance of tools for improving class well-being. Teaching and being taught should be a joy not a pain.

By providing practical education to teachers and students on how better breathing impacts to destress tense situations during class and exams will  be an valuable tool for succes in their future careers. We offer specific programs from elementary schools to universities. 

For this we provide 3 training modules: 

1: DeStress C.L.A.S.S program (6 week program 3 hour a week per class/ team)

2: Sustainability & Impact of your speaking voice – (V.O.I.C.E Method program- 6 weeks program 3 hour a week per class)

3: Fun Didgeridoo workshops for staff, teachers and students. 

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The Appreciation of our Clients

Event Evaluation content of 11th fo May 2019;

Q: How good was the coach in content?

A: Super Good

Q: How good was the coach in coaching?
A: Very Good

Q: How did you experienced the Communication style of the coach?

A: Nice & Relevant

Q: I was Happy about:

A: Nice Event, Happy People

Q: Next time I would like to experience:

A: Circulair Breathing

Q: Are you willing to Recommend this event in your network?

A: YES!!

Kari Nurmi

Turnaround, training and coaching professional and business owner with remarkable experience. Specialist who resolves complex issues for clients as CRO, Interim Manager, Coach or Consultant. Business and Law degrees. Specialties: Turnaround, Restructuring, Coaching, Profit Improvement, Business development, Training, Change Management and Partnership , Nurmi Consulting

Tulkin pitää puhua ja pysyä keskittyneenä pidempiäkin jaksoja. How to Relax for Better Concentration-kurssin avulla opin hauskalla tavalla avaamaan ääneni ennen puhumista. Kurssille opitun hengitystekniikan avulla taas pystyn helpommin keskittymään keskusteluun, myös vaativammissakin tehtävissä.
Suosittelen kurssia lämpimästi tulkeille ja muille ammattipuhujille. Evelien, Käännös- ja tulkkauspalvelu Evelingua

Eveliene Waegemans

Translator Suomi - Englantti ja Englantti / Event Organiser,

LinkedIn 8th December 2017, Helsinki, Finland

You want this, if you’re looking for program for a “Team Spirit” -day or something a bit “out of box” for a coaching day. Or just a fun night with friends! Warm recommendations!

Bastiaan held a Didgeridoo workshop for the Filosofian Akatemia team (15 prs.). It was a perfect activity to start our Christmas Party: new thoughts about good breathing (and good life), tools for our people to cope with stress, breathing techniques for public speakers and trainers, and above all, experimenting with the Didgeridoo. Useful and fun! And Bastiaan himself was a good showman and wonderful personality! ?

Karoliina Jarenko

CEO, Filosofian Akatemia

Linkedin – March 27 2017 Hmeenlinna Area, Finland
Human resources

Bastiaan is a patient and approachable teacher. Thanks to his long experience, he has a lot of knowledge and he is able to give it forward.

With the help of Bastiaan`s tutoring, I found my motivation again, got back to practicing and have advanced rapidly. I purchased a Carbony Slide Didgeridoo from Bastiaan and it has been a great solution for me. I am happy to recommend Anthony if you need any help, advice or inspiration in the didgeridoo world.

Petri Sirén

Entrepeneur, Tmi Petri Sirén

Jenny Backman-Pråhl heeft The Breath Control Academy aanbevolen.

I highly recommend breathingcoaching by Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij. I’ve found new dimensions in my breathingpattern as a flautist and I’m also getting closer to reconnecting with my instrument.

Jenny Backman-Pråhl

professional flute player and educator. Finland

Meet the Trainers

Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij

Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij

CEO & Founder of the Breath Control Academy / Didgeridoo Master Trainer / Speaker / Author

Annelies Saman

Annelies Saman

Breath Coach, Yin Yoga teacher and Holistic Coach

Freek van Bemmelen

Freek van Bemmelen

Co-fouder of the Breath Control Academy / Didgeridoo trainer / Communication advisor

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