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“From frequency to coherence”

Change the way you breathe to improve the Quality of Your Life

“ The coherence of body processes”

In the oldest available chinese medical text available ‘the yellow emperor’s classic on internal chinese medicine’, the authoring of stretching and breathing exercises, and visualizations, to integrate body, mind and spirit and enhance qi energy.

Awareness (knowledge transfer): almost no one uses his diaphragm as intended. bca wants to inform people about the effects on the body of a breathing as intended. “Almost no one uses their diaphragm as it’s intended as the body’s primary breathing muscle,” says bill hartman, cscs, co-owner or ifast in indianapolis

“Once you take yourself out of a chronic, hyperventilated [chest-breathing] fight-or-flight state, many aspects of health improve,” says Dr. Libby. “Your blood pressure goes down, you sleep better, your risk of stroke and heart attack decreases—even people who suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome find that they’re less symptomatic.”

proper breathing is essential for a healthy body and a calm mind, according to yoga teachers. because breathing is life, they say. but scientific research has also proven the usefulness of a regular breathing rhythm. through control of your breathing you gain more control over your life and your overall health. a regular breathing rhythm is important for a balanced heart rhythm pattern. and the heart rhythm pattern again affects your brain, heart, nervous system and hormone system.

neuropsychologist jolant van den reel has researched the possibility of controlling your own stress level through heart coherence. according to the reel, stress reduction on a separate area, for example breathing rhythm, can be set in motion and have a positive effect on the rest of your body and mind. Breathing exercises can lead to stress reduction at the level of heart, breathing, brain activity, emotions and cognitions. they affect our body temperature, hormone balance, the immune system, digestion, breathing and heartbeat.

 in “heart coherence”, where your heart rate, brain waves and breathing all have a certain rhythm. with high cardiac coherence these rhythms go synchronously. that is, 2 or more vibrations of (almost) equal speed meet each other, creating a vibration. in that case our brain, heart, nervous system and hormone system communicate optimally. the body then efficiently uses its energy. the link with the didgeridoo is not difficult to guess (BCA of the right frequency to heart coherence) 

What is a Didgeridoo:

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument made from hollow wood. In regards of location, a didgeridoo can be made of any kind of wood. As long as the wood structure is suited for hollowing out. There is a legit estimation that around and about 40,000 years the original native australian peoples in northern Australia made their first instruments from fallen eucalyptus branches that had been naturally hollowed out by termites. These instruments are officially called Yirdaki. Other instrument alike but not from the Northern territory carry the name Didgeridoo. It is also known that the mayan people of Central America had a similar instrument made of yucca or agave and today referred to as “la trompeta maya” (the mayan trumpet). Even the Maori provide in there culture heritage an similar instrument, yet its design is more warrior like with an animal/aligator like end carving.

Modern didgeridoos are commonly made from eucalyptus, bamboo, and agave. In theory, any enclosed column of air, such as a PVC pipe can be made into a didgeridoo by blowing through it.

The Yidaki / didgeridoo is both a pitched instrument and a percussion instrument. Each didge has one fundamental tone as well as a series of overtones that can be altered by the lips of the player. The didge can also played rhythmically, serving as both a bass and a time keeping instrument.

More on the history of the instrument and the native australian people visit https://www.ididj.com.au

Why use a Didgeridoo for Breath Training?

Despite all the beautiful attention Breath work gets these days in our opinion an fundamental part is missing. The abbilty for people, regardless of their status and skills to Truely train Muscle Memory that let you Implement new Breathing patterns in daily life. Merely becoming aware does not make you Experience freedom.

Learning to play Didgeridoo requires the Physical and Mental strengh to Generate Air Pressure. In order to create and Continous tone a player needs to Control the Air Pressure flow of it Inhalation/ Exhalation breating pattern.

To be able to achieve this the player needs attend a Full body and Mental workout. The continuation of the Airpressure Movement deeply Intergrates in the Respiratory Muscular tissue. The muscle use results in new automatic respiratory use of inhaling with open nostrals and exhaling true once mouth.

The airpressure trains the muscles of thorax, tongue, cheeks, upper back, lower back, abdomanals, pelvis etc. The unique soundfrequecies directly co-work with our nervous system and regulation of ones Fight & Flight / Rest & Digest response. The proper use of playing trains a new automatic breathing pattern and lets a person be able to step out of Shallow Breathing that up that caused much respiratory and mental suffering.

Read more visit our Library: 

How we Guide You to Step out of Your Suffer Circle:

The B.R.E.A.T.H.E Easy Program and A.P.M System

  • Lets you quit shallow breathing patterns were most respiratory issues are caused by.

  • Improves the ability to manage Stress situation and releave of traumatic situations.

  • Lets a person leaves the urges of negative addiction habits.

  • Decrease shortness of breath and inflammation of the airways.

  • Generates new muscle memory that instantly effects the change from Shallow breathing to Regular (belly) breathing.


How to Relax for Better Concentration. Let us show you How.

You’re WORTH IT!

Very blessed to have been working with these amazing people. Unfortunatly 3 people had to cancel due to personal curcomstances. Yet this group made and Impact on How to Relax for Better Concentration…going home with their own didgeridoo and a peaceful body and mind.


NEXT EVENT 8th of June

Your Investement in Yourself €179,- 

Including your own Didgeridoo & Lunch. Event duration from 10:00 till 16:00.

Just bring yourself, the rest is taken care of. 

To Who:

This Seminar Provides a Easy Structured Introduction to a Unique way of #Breathwork training. Presenting How the #Australian instrument `the #Didgeridoo` can be used as #Personal #Respiratory #Trainingtool to Improve your Breathing & provide you a tool for Stress release.
As we all want to live a Happy & Healthy life.

Our training is most suitable for people:

  • with Sleep-apnea, COPD
  • Asthma,
  • PTS, Burn-out
  • Vocalists,
  • Music Professionals
  • Medical Professionals
  • Teachers, Trainers and Speakers.

We like to Empower and Inspire:l

  • Schools,
  • Universities
  • Metropolitan / Philharmonic Orchestra’s
  • Companies with a min of 10% employee / staff short and long term sick leave
  • Medical facilities and Research Centers.

Bastiaan visited our Entrepreneur Club IMN Helsinki and gave us an excellent brief training on how to breath right. His demostration was a big pleasure and people really loved his show. I really recommed him for any type of corporate or leasure event. Jari, IMN Helsinki Club

Jari Kaitera

Club Manager, IMN Helsinki

LinkedIn 8th December 2017, Helsinki, Finland

You want this, if you’re looking for program for a “Team Spirit” -day or something a bit “out of box” for a coaching day. Or just a fun night with friends! Warm recommendations!

Bastiaan held a Didgeridoo workshop for the Filosofian Akatemia team (15 prs.). It was a perfect activity to start our Christmas Party: new thoughts about good breathing (and good life), tools for our people to cope with stress, breathing techniques for public speakers and trainers, and above all, experimenting with the Didgeridoo. Useful and fun! And Bastiaan himself was a good showman and wonderful personality! 🙂 Karoliina Jarenko LinkedIN 1st degree connection

CEO , Filosofian Akatemia Oy Helsinki Area, Finland

Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij is an amazing trainer and coach. His performance will suit any event from Corporate training to Leisure. Get him to Your Event! I did and he did an amazing show.

Jari Kaitera

CEO, TWID Online Marketing platform

We Teach No tricks,

but Empower You with Valuable Breathing Exercises

For Instant Implementation.

All to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Read what people say about us: 

Jenny Backman-Pråhl heeft The Breath Control Academy aanbevolen.

I highly recommend breathingcoaching by Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij. I’ve found new dimensions in my breathingpattern as a flautist and I’m also getting closer to reconnecting with my instrument.

Jenny Backman-Pråhl

professional flute player and educator. Finland

LinkedIn March 3, 2017, The Netherlands

Meet the best didgeridoo master I have ever met!

Annelies Saman LInkedIn 1st degree connection

Company owner Praktijk-Saman, Yin Yoga teacher, Praktijk-Saman

Linkedin – March 27 2017 Hmeenlinna Area, Finland
Human resources

Bastiaan is a patient and approachable teacher. Thanks to his long experience, he has a lot of knowledge and he is able to give it forward.

With the help of Bastiaan`s tutoring, I found my motivation again, got back to practicing and have advanced rapidly. I purchased a Carbony Slide Didgeridoo from Bastiaan and it has been a great solution for me. I am happy to recommend Anthony if you need any help, advice or inspiration in the didgeridoo world.

Petri Sirén

Entrepreneur at Tmi Petri Sirén, Tmi Petri Sirén

Work with us. 

  • Sleep-apnea / COPD / Asthma program
  • School Didgeridoo workshops
  • Burned Out to Fired Up Program
  • Destress Class Program
  • Company Teambuilding Events
  • University lectures
  • Music Professional Back on Track
  • Medical Research Projects.

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Kind health regards,

The Breath Control Academy team

Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij / Freek van Bemmelen

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Corporate Training & Teambuilding

School Workshops  & Educational Institutes Events / Presentations / Lectures

Private Training & Trainer Courses

  • People inspired to become BCA Trainers. 
  • For Vocal & Presentation improvement
  • Respiratory training for controling of Asthma, Sleep-apnea and Snoring.
  • Stress & Anxiety releave training. (ADHD, Dyslexia, DTS and Trauma relief.
  • Meditation Breathwork training.

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Meet our Team: 

Manupeo (aka Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij)

Manupeo (aka Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij)

Founder The Breath Control Academy / Didgeridoo Master trainer / Music Composer, Performer, Educator / Speaker & Author

Annelies Saman

Annelies Saman

Cranio-sacraal therapeut, Thèta-healer en Yin Yoga teacher.

Annelies is a very professional, relaxed and dedicated yoga teacher. She gives her lessons in a gentle and loving way and ensures that her students feel at ease with her and get the right approach. It was great to work with her and I can highly recommend her as a yoga teacher!
Freek van Bemmelen

Freek van Bemmelen

co-founer The Breath Control Academy / Didgeridoo Trainer / Communication advisor / Music Performer, Educator / Speaker

Nina Santorio Escalante

Nina Santorio Escalante

Corporal Expression Teacher

I am a corporal expression teacher and have been studying many body disciplines such as Spiritual Dances, Active Meditation and Chi Kung for the last 12 years. Six years ago I became a psychotherapist (humanist and Gestalt Movement) and started studying deeply how Soul expresses through the body and liberates itself from many burdens, specifically with dances and human contact. I also have practiced Biodanza for many years. As result of my years of experience I developed my own methode that is called Soul Dancing. Special to experience that the S.O.U.L Dancing methode deeply connects with the BCA in Dance Movements.

Rob Gandara - Carbony Celtic Wind

Rob Gandara - Carbony Celtic Wind

Owner - Carbony pattent holder

The Breath Control Academy is official distributor and product ambassador of Carbony Slide Didgeridoos and instruments.

Our reason to team up with Carbony Celtic Winds is that we see and experience the Carbony Slide Didgeridoo to be the only suitable and nature friendly product with only 3% manufacture waist and life time guarantee. That we can provide proper Medical Respiratory training that truly enables people with respiratory problems to train and get in control again.

In regards of the instrument investment we apply this instrument in our proffessional training and corporate events. 

Charlie McMahon & DidgeriBone

Charlie McMahon is the inventor and 1st developer of the Slide didgeridoo type. Dated already back in the early ’80 ties. And inventor of the FaceBass, an unique Seimic audio sensor that captures the sounds from inside the mouth developed for Didgeridoo players. But also to apply for other air/wind instruments.

Charlie McMahon (born in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, 1951) is an Australian didgeridoo player. The founder of the group Gondwanaland, McMahon was one of the first non-Aboriginal musicians to gain fame as a professional player of the instrument. He is also the inventor of the didjeribone, a sliding didgeridoo made from two lengths of plastic tubing and played somewhat in the manner of a trombone (hence its name). Former working at Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) and been active in promoting the health benefits of playing Didgeridoo. 

He has been of great influence on the play and skill development and personal teacher and nowdays close friend of the BCA founder Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij.

The BCA uses the DidgeriBone for school education presentations, long term workshops/courses and the DeStress Class project.

Working with the DidgeriBone is

  • fun for all ages
  • effects strong group bonding and socialization
  • easily flows into music theorie awareness
  • directly improves respiratory benefits .

The Breath Control Academy as Independ Product Distributor in co-operation with doTERRA. doTERRA products and their support to internatinal environmental and social sustainabilty connets with our view How to create a difference in lives of many. To live a happy and healthy life.

More on CPTG Essential oils and their usages for Respiratory, Neurologic, Emotional and Fysical health support visit our Library

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