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DidjeriBone + Free Online Starters Course

(value 97€)

The Didjeribone is an inexpensive way for beginners to learn to play the didgeridoo AND for experienced players, the Didjeribone provides fresh ground for original music. – Didjeribone is wholly Australian owned by Charlie McMahon and Tjupurru.

PRICE 179€
incl. online course (97€) + shipping  


Best Advice for Speakers book – Amazon Nr1 Best Seller

Inside this precious volume you will find advice from some of the best speakers in the world. Whether you’re just starting out as a speaker or you’ve been doing this for years you’re going to find this book a perfect companion to help you build your business. Each of these gems is jam packed with powerful insights and strategies that will help you get to the next level in your speaking career.


PRICE : 9,90€

you just pay for shipping

BCA APM system for Sleep-Apnea - didgeridoo training

Private Breathe coaching + DidjeriBone training tool

This program is the fastest and most effective way to improve your:

  • breathing
  • speaking
  • vocal techniques
  • dealing with your asthma, sleep apnea
  • and stress management

using the didjeribone as a training tool and being personally guided by on of our top trainer. Including training materials and online calls.

PRICE : 600€

  • incl 6x 45 online training sessions (60€ p/h)
  • DidjeriBone (179€)
  • Personal training tracking program.

The Manupeo Music Experience

Relax Mood Music

CD Digital downloads 

FOR FINNISH customers use: MobilePay – 0504727837 – ref. SG digital download 

when i received the payment i will send you the page code to download the tracks and Cd booklet.


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